Someone choosing, of their own free will, to pose nude is supposed to bother me?

13 06 2007

omg so my daughter poses nude on web sites and is bringing teh shame to my whole familee!1! omg porn is bad 4 wimminz right??

The only problem I have with the daughter’s decision is her signing that contract which allows the site owner to use her photos for whatever purpose. That sounds a little manipulative and dangerous. Other than that, if this were my child, I wouldn’t make a fuss if she were posing nude. I’d be more offended if my kid became a CEO. 😛


I come back to this?

13 06 2007

I’m in your environment, killin ur beez


A more lengthy update (including that post about violence and catharsis!) later.

the internet is made of pr0n.

30 05 2007

This is very, very strange. and potentially very, very bad. Not only is someone suspending pedophile communities (which I don’t care about, because ew child molesters), they’re suspending literary/slash/kink communities. And more and more are being suspended.

Please spread the word about this. This is incredibly weird.

ETA: more info here.