An interesting article about the sex trade and the US’s “well-meaning” interference.

1 07 2007

Well-meaning Interference

And for the link-phobic:

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Someone choosing, of their own free will, to pose nude is supposed to bother me?

13 06 2007

omg so my daughter poses nude on web sites and is bringing teh shame to my whole familee!1! omg porn is bad 4 wimminz right??

The only problem I have with the daughter’s decision is her signing that contract which allows the site owner to use her photos for whatever purpose. That sounds a little manipulative and dangerous. Other than that, if this were my child, I wouldn’t make a fuss if she were posing nude. I’d be more offended if my kid became a CEO. 😛


23 05 2007

Hey, I took a short break from blogging/commenting, but I’m back now, and I love love love this new blog:

I’ll have more to talk about soon, including:
–the concept of violence in media as catharsis ( I was actually inspired by Trinity and her posts on BDSM and violence in entertainment)
–Women and immigration
–exceprts from one of bell hooks’ books: Killing Rage: Ending Racism

I’ve been really rushed/stressed out with AP exams, getting ready for prom, getting ready for finals, figuring summer plans…etc, etc, so that’s why I took a break. Plus I needed to put aside some spiritual time for myself. Now that I’m back in the saddle, I plan to post a lot more, especially since the summer is coming up and I’ll have TIMMMEEEE, PRECIOUS TIME!

Greenadelphia! and All For the Taking

10 05 2007

This is a really awesome organization I just found out about. Greenadelphia! is fighting for urban sustainability and making Philly’s environment better to live in for everyone. There is an Urban Sustainability Forum coming up on May 17 for anyone who’s interested.

Also, All For the Taking fights for affordable housing for everyone and preserving communities. They are currently fighting against plans for casinos to be built in certain neighborhoods. The casinos would break up the communities and cause more housing and poverty issues, and possibly cause gentrification of the areas, which leads to higher rents, pushing low-income families and individuals out and contributing to homelessness.

better late than never.

4 05 2007

fuck the lapd. seriously. I am so pissed off.


8 04 2007

Mainstream Feminist Organizations Say Nothing About Imus’ Comments

I’m going to write NOW about this. It’s awful how white feminists just ignore shit like this, or try to excuse it.

Boal, pt 2.

26 02 2007

oh, here’s a quick link to a site that contains an overview of Boal’s philosophy:
Theatre of the Oppressed

It’s such a neat idea, really. The theatre geek inside me is giddy with possibility.