interview meme

17 03 2007

you know the drill; comment and I’ll ask you five questions and you post the answers on your blog. 🙂

1) Where are you currently looking at for college this fall?
hmm, good question. I think it’ll come down to who will give me the most financial aid. So far, I’ve gotten accepted at Pitt, Ursinus College, and Drew University (both Drew and Ursinus gave me decent scholarships). I’m holding out for Eugene Lang, though.

2) What’s your main interest w/in theatre? (acting, directing, design…)
I really like improv/acting so far, since it’s an emotional release.

3) What sort of stuff do you do in your improv class?
we mainly do practice stuff, like vocal and physical warmups, along with some improv games. it’s a very safe, comfortable atmosphere, and full of trust–this helps one build up to becoming a stage actor or narrative improv performer. I also think it helps me with correct breathing and posture.

4) Who’s your favorite tragic hero?
hmmm, depends on how you define “tragic hero”. I loved reading Richard III, but I’m also fond of the main character in the novel Wicked, Elphaba Thropp. She’s prickly, intelligent, and passionate, which makes it all the more painful when she is contantly rejected by society and fooled by a self-fufilling prophecy.

5) Which myth or legend most resonates for you?
The Odyssey, told from Penelope’s point of view–aka The Penelopiad, by Margaret Atwood. This is such an amazing book.




3 responses

17 03 2007

this meme is for high school seniors with an interest in literature. =P yay uni acceptances and scholarships and emotional release through drama (but for me personally, it’s cathartic enough just to watch it). i want to read the penelopiad, if only because of desmond on lost. *heart scottish.

19 03 2007

lol, desmond?

21 03 2007

*heart desmond.

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