10 03 2007

oh man, I need to avoid the Bad Place. and by the Bad Place, I mean the livejournal feminist community. seriously, it’s been a racist bonanza over there lately, with all the white wimminz being all “OH MAN THE HIJAB IS SO OPPRESSIVE! LET’S IMPOSE WESTERN SOCIETY ON MUSLIM WOMEN WHO LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!11” because, clearly, the western world is a goddamn feminist utopia–no rape, no pay inequalities, no domestic violence…ugh.

Also, last night I had a ridiculously creepy/scary dream that’s shaken me all day. I blame my hormones and The Man.

therefore, instead of looking at the Bad Place, I will try to feel better by making a list of ten things I like, in no particular order:
1. petting my kitty
3. “give in to mint” ice cream (Dove!)
4. Target (it’s so…pretty and designer-like and affordable)
5. fishnets
6. Daphne Rubin-Vega’s voice when she sings “Out Tonight”
7. costume jewelry
8. dying my hair
9. cooking
10. looking up stuff I need for college (a French memo board is *totally* necessary, damnit!)




2 responses

10 03 2007

yea, that’s why i keep away from talking about feminism too much because it’s so west-centric and i study the not-west so yea… the Man sucks though. i like “out tonight.”

11 03 2007

yeah, it’s irritating to hear people in ivory towers making judgements about women halfway the world over.

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