It never dies, does it?

20 01 2007

I got accepted to Ursinus College recently, and though I was sort of unsure about the amount of activism on campus, since that’s important to me, I was pretty excited when I got the acceptance letter. It’s really one of my safety schools, but other than it being fairly politically apathetic, I wouldn’t mind going there–it’s got a good psychology program, a beautiful campus (seriously, it should probably win an award or something), small class sizes, an art museum on campus (!), a really nice theatre, and they give good aid. Still, I had a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that there was a large percentage of white frat-boys on campus, and though for a liberal arts college, it has a decent POC population, I was afraid that there were some problems with racism at Ursinus.
My fears have been confirmed. I shouldn’t even be surprised. :/




One response

21 02 2007

Wow, that sounds awful. Since you’re feminist, have you thought of applying to one of the sister schools (Bryn Mawr, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Wellesley)? Not that they’re not super-white and things are hunky-dory :(. Sorry if that’s an unhelpful suggestion, I imagine application times have passed. But perhaps you can check if some have rolling admission.

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