winter doldrums.

8 01 2007

Sometimes I get really sick of this dominant culture I’ve been socialized into, and then I realize that I unknowingly/subconsciously (thankfully, now I’m becoming more conscious of it) support it. It’s frustrating, and I hate going into “white guilt” mode because that’s really nonproductive and basically white liberal wangst.

I feel stuck in this town of 6,000 people. I feel trapped, even though as an able-bodied, middle-class white woman, I have so many opportunities. I think it’s the “Bell Jar Syndrome” rearing its ugly head.
Also: I am sort of sick of hipsters, even though I dress like one and listen to hipster-indie music. I hate that uber-masculine vibe that scene has. Emo guys are fucking ridiculous.

In the future: expect a post about tragic villians. Seriously, I’m a lit/mythology geek.




2 responses

9 01 2007

does the hipster scene have an uber-masculine vibe really?

21 10 2008

Hi, Look at the pics of my new emo hair

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