i’m back!

3 12 2006

ugh ugh ugh. I haven’t updated in such a long time. I’ve been busy dealng with college stuff,

mental health stuff, and ap economics, which should be renamed “the glories of

capitalism 101”. I HATE that class. Our book is so ignorant of the intersections of

oppressions that make capitalism sucky for anyone who isn’t a rich white man.

In the following weeks, I plan to make posts about

–double consciousness and its role in female sexuality. also, acting. (trust me on this. :P)

–matriarchal societies in bronze-age greece.

–fat-phobia in the exercise industry

–mental illness in POC




One response

9 12 2006

hey, assuming the direction here means you’re the same person. vague i know.

read back to your first entry, i found this link useful on getting hits, having a user-friendly blog, etc. big thing was commenting back and forth on other blogs if you want attention within blogosphere(s). even outside the blogosphere, there are others who read said blogs (not mine obviously) and would thus find their way to you, especially if someone links you. the blogger also has a number of articles of varying help categorised under “blogging.” apparently good categorising is useful too.

i’m looking forward to your post about matriarchal societies in bronze age greece. had an interesting lecture on one of my classes (interesting lecture in a boring class, but well-intentioned lecturer) on cultural sensitivity and women’s studies in and outside the west. i was going to say something about marxist history and their direction of matriarchal -> patriarchal -> feudal -> revo; i’ve skipped many major points and that’s why i decided against saying so originally, but i though it should be recorded if i remember it later.


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