The First Meaningful Post, Or Feminism 101

10 10 2006

So, here I am, sitting here listening to Survivor, and thinking
of what to write for this first post. I was planning on writing
something informative; that is, a list of links about activism,
feminism, anti-racism, etc., but I figured it’d be better if
I explained my own views first.
I have been somewhat of a feminist my whole life, but I
really didn’t get into academic/radical feminism until earlier
this year. Over the next several months,
I learned about all the different types of privilege
and how they intersect, common debates on pornography,
and the rights of transgendered persons. Slowly, I was beginning
to realize that everything was connected-feminism, anti-racism,
anti-imperialism, environmentalism, glbta rights, and classism.
There are of course others, but those (like fat-phobia) I think
fall under the general category of sexism.
So what I was trying to say in that last paragraph that somehow
got garbled (I’m running on low today) is simply this: In order
to defeat sexism, we must also defeat racism, classism, homophobia,
imperialism, and disregard for the environment. These issues are all
connected-the same people who participated in the genocide of
Native Americans also polluted the earth with poor farming practices.
You know what I mean; there are people out there who can write
about this sort of thing much more eloquently than I can.
I hope someone reads this and comments-I need hits, hah. Otherwise,
I’ll continue writing about items in the news, topics I find interesting,
or sexist/racist bullshit (yay for ranting).




One response

9 12 2006


I don’t concern myself with the debates over the meaning of the word “feminism” –to me it is a word for social justice.
For all. It’s ripples in a pond, baby! *grin*

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